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Transparency and Community Involvement

Every Citizen should know what new development or issue affect their lives, commute to work, or family. Roswell is a unique city, with smart residents who care about the community. Ideas and input from the community can only make what we have in Roswell better.

Transparency and Community Involvement also incorporates ensuring we involve the residents that may not attend the City Council or Committee meetings. One tool that can assist our city in achieving this, would be to re-institute the transcript from the meetings.


Smart Development is one that keeps Roswell inline with the current character and charm of the city. 

This is development that supports Roswell businesses and families, improves safety, and enhances the vitality of our community. Roswell citizens would be able to live closer to where they work or run errands, this translates to not needing to drive a car to get there. This type of community would keep our community one of the highest in demand cities, just as it has been. This type of development would protect our investments, invite businesses to invest in our community, and assist in adding value to our city as well as tax revenues for the municipality.

We can keep our green space, the character of the city that we love and continue to grow together.

Housing Opportunities

It is important that we build quality housing for families of all life stages and income levels. This is a key part of this smart growth idea for the city. Roswell has an opportunity to create housing options that will influence families’ economic opportunities, costs of living, and how much time we spend commuting each day.

Safe Walk-able Neighborhoods

We can now all walk next to the Chattahoochee River,  but we can also all benefit from sidewalks in our own neighborhoods as well. The solution for a walk-able neighborhood will provide a safe and convenient place to enjoy with our friends, pets, and families. This concept would also include smart street designs that will make walking safe and enjoyable, not just on our trails but also in our neighborhoods.

Greenspace in the City

Smart planning and building also includes not only historic preservation here in Roswell, but also preserving open spaces, i.e: tree-lined areas, wetlands, parks, and farms. Our city planning is both environmental and economic. Roswell attracts people across the country. We are a city with access to natural recreation areas, which translates into demand for tourism.

Our parks, greenspace, and trails improve our ability to attract employers, while also supporting the enjoyment of our families. Preserving open spaces will continue to make Roswell a desirable place to live, work, and play. 

Development in All Communities

There is an existing opportunity that our city can do to improve the entire city. The creation of opportunities for developers/ builders to develop within existing communities. Rather than building on previously undeveloped land, we can utilize and make the most of our previous investments that we have already made in roads, bridges, water pipes, as well as other infrastructure, while strengthening local tax bases and protecting open space. This concept would also remove eye sores from our communities with empty/ or near shopping centers.


We want to bring together RDOT, GDOT,  partner cities and business leaders to assist our city in providing a variety of transportation choices  for our citizens—that is high-quality public transportation as well as safe and convenient biking and walking infrastructure.                       

Since we are in the process of giving input to the our city's strategic vision, we can decide what this looks like for our community. Our strategic meetings created some great ideas, where the community identified some very creative transportation ideas. We should ensure that our city's transportation decisions incorporate all stakeholders equally -  this will improve each Roswell citizen's day-to-day life.



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