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Monday, November 4, 2019 6:59 AM

Dr. Kay Howell's Full Answers to the Article Posted in the Patch by Kathleen Sturgeon -October 25, 2019

-Can you give me some background on yourself?
My name is Dr. Kay Howell. I am a growth-oriented and strategic leader with twenty years of combined experience leading multinational teams and process improvement initiatives. I have deep connections across the Roswell community, formed over the past 20 years. I believe in giving back to the community and frequently speak to organizations to discuss the platform of community development, creating ideas on how to work with the local community to forge productive new paths. Some organizations that I have been involved in are: Patsy’s Closet Foundation (Ask Patsy), Be the Voice/ Interact and Americorps.

-Why did you want to be on the city council?
I am a process improvement expert. I have created multiple successful process improvement initiatives for both State and Federal governmental clients. Since I live in Roswell and I love it here, I believed it was important to bring my skills to the local level, right here to our city.

-What are your short term and long term goals for the position?

Short Term:
Create Citizen Councils that represent the citizens for Community and Economic Development from all parts of the city, representing ONE ROSWELL.

Ensure that all citizens are aware of what is going on in the city, creating avenues of awareness for the Roswell Citizens

Long Term:
Execute a Transparent and Accountable City Council that would ensure the council is listening to the citizens for each of our city's projects.
Create a better operational city government, building better relationships with all stakeholders whether that is (RDOT, GDOT, Business, or Private Citizens), identifying clear plans of execution, outlining the budget as well as clearly identifying an execution plan (timeline) for each project.

-What is your favorite part of living in Roswell?

I have so many favorite things that I have discovered over the last 20 years living here in Roswell. Whether that is taking the route to come home from Sandy Springs down HWY 9 into Roswell, where I always feel welcomed by the river and the trees that line the street. Or once a week, we like to hike at the Mill - to get away and enjoy both history and nature.

-What is the biggest issue you think citizens in Roswell face? There are many issues that I have heard from our neighbors of the city that we all love. Whether that is large empty shopping centers, clear cutting trees for building projects without leaving some trees, bike lane locations, Transportation, Roswell zoning plans not being adhered to depending on who the council is approached by, or having a tax base that relies heavily on the homeowner.

-How do you plan to combat that issue? As a certified project manager, the first thing that I think of when I look at the above list is to bring in the stakeholders that these issues impact (listen) to those that are impacted - then create a plan on how to resolve the issue (identifying what does a win look like for each stakeholder), clarifying the financial impacts ( if applicable), creating the timeline and executing the resolution. Finally communicating this plan out to the city/citizens so that everyone is aware of the plan and next steps.

-Why should people vote for you?
I believe that people should vote for me if they want a person that can build bridges for all the citizens of Roswell. I am a problem solver who is Truthful, Honest and Trustworthy. I understand that people believe that since they have known some of my opponents or they have seen them at activities over the years in Roswell that they would be good in the roll of City Council. I believe that our neighbors should take a different perspective and ask themselves is that how they would hire for a job to which they were the owner? I would give them the same advice that I have recommended to many reputable fortune 500 company executives, as a previous Strategy Consultant. I would recommend that the citizen of Roswell look at their vote as their chance to hire for their company to which they have a huge investment - whether that is time, home, investment, or family. Vote for the person that you feel has the qualifications to get the job done.

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